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You almost cost me my 19" monitor. I was sipping a fresh cup of HOT coffee when I read your post, nearly choked with laughter and proceeded to spray my coffee all over the monitor. Hey, I am getting on in the years and I am experienced (after all this is the land of Hendrix), but a veteran steelheader-no way! My experience is very limited with regards to steelhead and the fly.

My FF has been trout and, a long time ago, bass popping in the lilly pads of New Jersey lakes. My former steelheading life was as a bait (and the crowd booed mightily while throwing mucho nasties at the bum) chucker. Always did the C&R though. And I quickly learned the lesson on release mortality using this technique.

No, I just recently signed up for the full tour as a fly wielding steelheader. I bought an old farm on the upper Skagit this past spring. My precious wife (see honey, I said it out loud) then went out and bought me a Sage spey outfit-what would any decent man do? Well I believe a good man will take the wife's hint and go fishin...
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