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Teeth 'r Us

Hi Dutchman,

Heading down there myself to try for the same species soon, so any experiences you have will be appreciated!

I've caught many pike (and some muskie too) on gear with my Dad in Ontario CA, but haven't experimented closer to home (I live in Seattle).

I do know people who fish the Muskies in Mayfield - the chosen plugs are smaller than they use in CA - typically the 4-5" long jointed floating rapalas and such- fished around weedbeds and structure.

I recently bought a book - Flyfishing for Pike - that really helped with patterns and techniques for different times of the season.

It sounds like a floating, or sinktip, line would work for these fish and any larger water-disturbing fly with some flash. He likes his bunny bugs (rabbit strip flies) and a number of Dahlberg Diver ripoffs.

The author also talks specifically about Tiger Muskies ( he fishes them in Colorado reservoirs) - they sound like a fish of fickle temperment and he shares some of the maddening experiences he's had with them.

Cast and strip ~fast~ is usually the ticket. The author also talks about varying retrieves to see what they want on any given day. It doesn't sound like there are many absolute rules in Muskie fishing tho - get out and give it a go.

Oops . . .almost forgot. One of the things I love about Pike and Muskie?? They don't mind bright sun and seem as aggressive at midday as they are at dawn or dusk (unlike Steelhead)!

Good Luck!

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