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Large pike type streamers should work, look at past threads on this board for that. Pattern of the bait fish in your local waters

Look for weedy or timber shallow sandy bar areas that are close to deep water.

Would use a light steel leader and really sharp large strong hooks.

Muskys like fast retrieves, you can strip it fast enough to take it away from them.

They are notorious for following the lure and not hitting. A technique developed in wisconsin where I have musky fished is to do a figure 8 at the end of the retrieve with the lure or fly, a sudden change of direction many times works to have them attack right in front of you.

I hope your heart is OK, because these can be savage attacks

In spring spawning period try the northern shallow areas where there is cover as stated above on sunny days. Water warms faster on northern side of lake and fish will find it.

Tight lines, Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but tracks !

P.S. Oh yeah, make sure you have a large bottle of Advil ready at the end of the day, you will need it.

There is a reason they call musky "The Fish of a Thousand Casts"

Good Luck
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