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Tiger Muskies

I fish a similar area here in Utah. It has some huge tigers, and you can only keep the 40" or above fish. They feed on perch and sun fish here, and all you need to do is fish the areas they are. One thing I will do is go to the areas that the sun fish spawn in and fish the shallows around there with top water or perch imatations. Or check out the areas in the shallows where there is grass or weeds or willows. They do a lot of cruising and will take a verity of things like clouser or even muddler minnows. Large sizes 1/0 even.... Also remember they are a toothy fish, so you have to become inventive on how to rig these flies... I have a friend who uses some steel leader on them.. I just use heavy test leaders and you loose a few anyway....:hehe:
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