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Question - Fly Box/Wallet Organization

How does every one organize their flies by type, hook size, color etc. ?

I use to do it by type of fly (nymph, egg, hair wing, streamer, etc.)

Then about ten years ago I lost my nymph fly wallett on the river.
Must have been a 100 flies in that thing, set me back for a couple of years to get up to the same supply again.

Since they I have commingled the types in 3-4 different fly wallets and boxes in my vest. This way if I ever lose one again, I will still be able to fish with the other ones which have all of the critical flies.

It was quite a gift I gave to another fisherman, beleive it fell out of my vest into the river. I guess I am even now. In my teens I found a fly wallett on the NY beaverkill river which was from a very good trout fisherman. Had some great patterns which taught me a lot about trout fishing. I still have that wallet (35 years). Wallett had some great trout flies I have never seen in a book to date. Oh well I guess I am even as long as I do not lose another fly wallet in my life time.
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