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Spring Time Fly


I have a real soft spot in my past for stoneflies and steelhead. So no matter what season it is, a good supply of stones are always in my fly box

HOOK: Strong and Large (I use large doubles where allowed. I will explain more in the tying text)

TAIL: 30lb fly line backing blackened with a black felt tip maker covered with a ball of black angora dubbing

BRAID: Upper medium KRENIK black and lower small KRENIK black

WING CASES: Over the hill black ribbon burned with a wing burner

LEGS: Magic Dub braided into micro-ultra chenille

EYES: Nymph black mono

FEELERS: 20lb fly rod backing blackened with a black felt tip marker

This is a complicated fly that is fun and catches more that just Steelhead.


A note on my choice of hooks: I prefer to tie this fly on very large hooks demi style (meaning small fly on large hook). By using large hooks, you will not be hooking as many par using 3/0 to 6/0 singles and 3/0 doubles stabilize the fly keeping right side up.

1. Install hook in vise and lay a bed of thread. I use flat-waxed nylon 200 hundred diners. The color depends on the bottom braid. With all weaving techniques you will have small gaps in the weave. Your bed of thread will show through helping to enhance the fly.
2. Forming a small ball of thread at hook bend to use to splay you tail. Dub the ball of thread and install the 30 lb. backing to form a “V”. I use a little moisture out of my drink glass of nature’s elixir (I perfer my Scotch the same way I like my women: single and over 20 years old. Leaving that under age and blended stuff for the bait slingers) to rub between my thumb and forefinger to stretch the tail.
3. Now comes the Abdomen. Take your braid, tie in the large on the top of the hook and the medium on the top of the large as a kind of piggy back. (To form an ovated body I use straight pins (Gerorge Grant’s body style) tied on the each side of the body. Wrap a nice tight under body to cover the pins you have to work with the length of the pins to govern the taper of the fly.) Now weave ( I will not go into weaving instruction at this time.)
4. Once you have woven your abdomen, weave the busy end of the fly. Lay your fly out, you will be tying in three leg sections, two wing cases, the belley ,eyes and the front feelers. Tie off the aft braid and tie in you micro-ultra chenille leaving it lie. Using tying thread, tie in you aft wing case with bottom side upward and the V of the case pointing forward. The positioning of the wing case is usually by trial and error.
5. Take the chenille and make on over hand weave movement, take a piece of magic dub and tie (simple overhand knot will do) it front of the knot you just tied pulling the legs out at 90 degrees to the hook. Then take another overhand knot weave finishing. You have just woven in the first of three sets of legs. As you weave forward distribute the legs evenly and fold the aft wing case into place and anchor it with the overhand knot weave movement.
6. Duplicate this sequence of events until you fold in the forward wing case.
7. Tie off the micro-chineel and tie in the forward feeler and eyes.
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