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Finally had some time to look at the flies received to date.

That LA trip last week kind of wiped me out at work this past week. Lots of catch up etc...

We have some unique Atlantic Salmon flies here:

Jerry (AKA Steelheader69) - Blue Bayou - Blue/green hair wing streamer type.

Malcolm (AKA Willie Gunn) - has tied what else but the infamous Scottish Willie Gunn tube fly.

Bill (AKA WRKE) - has tied a Black Bear Green Butt - Sparkle Variation. (Love this fly, one of the traditional ties I will fish here in the mid west with confidence)

Pete (AKA French Creek) - Ally's Shrimp - Very neat shrimp pattern. Looks easier to tie than a GP and prettier, hopefully to the fish also.

Juro (AKA Juro) - To be determined

Hal (AKA Pmflyfisher) - Hairwing pattern, still determining exactly which one to go with. I tied a bunch over the winter but may do something different.

Will be sending out the first week of March.

Due date for flies to me is Feb 28th.

Have some good fly tyers on this board.

I will not be using these flys but use them as specimens for other ties. Actually they are all to nice to risk losing on the river to the dreaded snag.

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