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Went to Vancouver Island this weekend with two other couples from work, and we were driving from Nanaimo to Tofino when we passed three ostriches in a large fenced area. I didn't have any trouble convincing everyone to stop, and Rekha and I proceeded to hunt all around the perimeter for loose feathers. The only feathers to be found were old, mangy and brittle Rekha was even sticking her hand through the fence to grab some that looked a little better, but each time she did so, the male which was following us everywhere would go straight for her! The place where they were being kept was connected to a bed & breakfast, but strangely its sign only said it was a b&b, and there was no name for it anywhere. I was going to go and knock, but we'd kept everyone waiting for a while already. As we got back to the car, the male put on a show for us by mounting one of the females - you should have seen the thing waving its wings and head all around! it was really quite an amazing scene. now i wonder if there is a special significance to the ostrich feathers people wear in hats
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