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Congratulation on receipt of the yak and especially on quitting smoking. It'd be approaching a year for me now if it weren't for that business trip to England that interupted my time at the Spring Clave. My downfall was being up for 36 hours, with the stress of travel and visting a pissed off customer, then going to the hotel pub, after an hour's nap, and winding down with a few pints. Majority of the people in the pub were smokers and I was in a weakend state. I do know, that if you are a "regular" smoker and quit, there is no such thing as "well one won't hurt". I'm trying to prepare for another attempt but there's too much negative karma about, right now.

As soon as I read Penguin and Roop's report on thier Sunday excursion, I panicked, and jumped on the elliptical trainer. One thing about the smoking is that I get to run up and down three flights of stairs whenever I need a butt at work.
Fred A.
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