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Talking Its arrived

Got the call from my local outfitter today -

"your yak has arrived and its real purrrrrdy".

Oh Boy Oh boy Oh Boy!!!!!!!

At this rate I could be gettin' wet by March 3rd


Interesting you should mention wooden paddles. Michele was talinking about the advantages of Greenland Style paddles for long trips.

What do you guys reckon is a reasonable day paddle-plan including a meaningfull fishing session (nm/hours paddling out & back).

I'm thinking that somewhere between one & two hours out and the same back would be about it for a round trip day fishing/paddle. Catch the tides right and you're talking 3 - 6+ nm each way.

Gonna get fit this year!

Quit smokin' 6 weeks ago and doing the slim-fast thing. Michele tells me paddling is great for the abs
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