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...a thousand pardons, your Immensenesss!...

...I guess elaboration on the "pros" and "cons" and proper donning/doffing of the full body condom (dry suit) is out of the question...Not to mention the importance of always practicing "Safe Paddling"...

Mike...whatever paddle you get, just remember that you will become the best or worst of friends and, in any case, will spend ALOT of time holding hands...
That cost to weight ratio reminds me of going into a bike bikes are heavy and the more you spend the lighter the end result (check out the new Merlins')...but there is a point where titanium, carbon fiber, and technology become cost deminishing and grounds for professional counselling.
That $150-200 cut off is a good could spend more but the difference is much harder to rationalize and could be grounds for a "tough love" friends/family confrontation.
Pick up the cheapo, then the reasonably light will feel the difference in the shop and REALLY feel the difference after a day on the water.

If you get a chance, try out a laminated wooden paddle...they have a good feel and a certain "spring" and warmth that is quite aesthetic.

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