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MattS, the following is from my experience and not meant to throw any bad light on your choice of leader construction and materials, but....
I have, as many warm saltwater flyfisherman discarded using Maxima because of it's lack of correct class rating, ie., it's 12# is probably closer to 14#, that world record mentality thing.
I use flurocarbon, because it's less visable in saltwater and more important it is more dense. I even tie my weed guards with flurocarbon.
There is a problem with flurocarbon tho, it's diameter is too small. Yes, it is supposed to have a harder finish and we have always said smaller is better but we have a lot of obstructions that can wear thru the smaller diameter leaders.
So for tarpon I use Hard Mason, most of us do here where the world record fish are. It is much more visable and it is a much bigger diameter but it can take the abuse. Now, I do use flurocarbon for the 100 lb shock tippet.
My leader construction for snook, 8 - 9wt: 9" 40# fluro butt section with a double surgeons looped to 7' of tapered fluro tripple surgeons knotted to 18" of 20# fluro shock.
Redfish, bonefish. 8-9wt: same butt section looped to 9' tapered fluro (tripple surgeoned to final fluro tippet of 8# - 12#)
And finally tarpon leaders, well.... maybe later.

My .02, whata ya think?
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