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...Jeff looked good in his MINI-SKIRT?!...

The Roopmeister and I discovered that a "conditioning" program might be in order...a little pre-season training goes a long way!
...Also...Jeff was in a Manteo and I chased him around in a Pungo. We both were dressed for a "dumping" (which did not happen) and we were using using the easier to deal with "mini-(spray)skirt"... the way...EMS (Hyannis only) has four more Pungo mini-skirts on sale for $6. and that's a DEAL! They work well and are MUCH easier to deal with than the full spray skirt!

It was good to get back on the water and while we did get a line wet, we were not able to get it "stretched"...

Amanda (the 99) tend bar very well...I hope you do great in you pre-med classes...and if all else fails...I want to have your children!!!

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