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First of all, search out a very reputible flyshop in your area that is willing to sit down and put the backing and the line and a butt section and leader altogther for you. Also find a shop that is willing to give you some quick pointers, maybe a quick casting lesson in the parking lot etc.

If you want to hang right around $300, my personel preference would be to go with a St. Croix Imperial 9' #6 which runs right around $140. It is a very similiar rod to the Sage DS2 but a little softer...

Next I would take a serious look at the Ross Cimarons...$130-$140 depending upon what size you get. Juro mentioned the Colorado's and they are an excellent reel but rumor has it then Ross is considering dumping this reel in the next couple years.

The Cimarons, for $50 more, come with a lifetime warranty (Ross's warranty service is the best in the business), are machined from the high grade aluminum and come with a killer disc drag.

Pick up a WF Rio Mainstream or Cortland 444 and you are all set. Right at around $300...

Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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