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LL Bean has good stuff and good service. The only two comments I would make are (a) have you cast the rod to see if you like it? (b) is 7pc really necessary?

I wonder if a travel rod has to be quite that small? Each ferrule introduces a potential loosening/problem point and extra care to prepare. Do you really want something smaller than a 4 or 5 pc travel rod?

5wt is better for trout, 7wt is better for FW bass - so a 6 is the compromise you'd have to make for both species. If you are primarily going to do high elevation trout, you might go 4 or even less. If the bass are in thick cover and like big flies, an 8 would be best. I personally felt compromised with a 6 in both situations and now own both a 5 and a 7 (no 6wt). You just can't win!

Good luck with your choice.
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