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New Fisherman needs help

Okay I am looking for advice on how to get started fly fishing and the correct way. I am an avid fisherman with a spinning reel or baitcaster. The boat is set-up for trolling. But I am starting all over in fly fishing. So I am open to some good advice. I am thinking of a 6wt rod and reel with weight forward line. I am looking to fish streams for trout as well as small ponds for trout and bass. I have the L.L. Bean catalog, Orvis Catalog and Cabella catalog and I am somewhat a bit lost. I do have a daughter in college and a wife with a wooden bat so I do have a budget. Lets keep it under $300 for an outfit and we will all be happy. I also have another post under rods as I do have a preference in two travel type rods. But, maybe a travel rod is not a good choice for a beginner. Your advice will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance..
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