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Ryan -

I can't believe that with all the zeal I've pursued our sport with over the years, I am yet to build a rod myself! That's going to end shortly.

I now have in my hands a 4pc Sage VPS 10wt SW flyrod for stripers, baby tarpon, pacific salmon, etc. I've wrapped guides before, although not with the kind of finesse I want to achieve this time 'round. I've never built a handle before... but that's part of the excitement.

We have professional guidance on both US coasts - Smitty of the Rod Builder's Workshop in Kingston MA on the east coast, and Lyle Floyd of LRODS in Oregon on the west coast. Members in other regions of the world should recommend your favorite regional rod builders to us as well.

Location doesn't matter all that much I guess, Lyle is building a rod for Luis in Montreal and Pete Gray here in striper country; Smitty of Rod Builder's is building rods for people all over the country as well. I was referring to the ability to pop in and ask questions, get hands on assistance with something, etc.

Anyway, I will get this new weapon put together before the first striper fins up the coast. I've thrown the gaunlet down at my own feet! Today is the tying shindig and I have some vip family obligations after but I want to make some progress Sunday/Monday on it... will posts what happens.

Ryan -

You're not the type to give up on a challenge very easily... JUST DO IT!
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