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RE:Juro's Steelheading Odyssey 2000 (Part I - the Skykomish Float)

But since you brought it up - YO DA MAN!! No, wait. . . Tyler landed 2 in about 5 minutes in the Two Bit riffle earlier this year . . . one was even hooked in the mouth. Guess you'll have to fight it out for the Golden Native King of 2000 award!!

I had the award hands down a couple years ago - every time I set the hook on a sluggish fish I'd wait till it jumped or did something unmistakably Steelheady before shouting FISH ON 'cause I caught so much grief for my abuse of the Golden Natives. I dreaded every hangdown. Some people imagine Steelhead lurking in the riffles and runs - I imagined herds of suckers waiting in the quiet water just waiting to be snagged by my fly!
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