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RE:Adding a 10wt belly improved casting


Speaking of "is my wife reading this" MY wife was reading this over my shoulder and I had to explain who the Chest Beast was... No matter she's cool. As far as early September goes it is a bit too early for steelhead in the Thompson, there will be some good trout fishing available then - big stoneflies are the ticket. Its not usually my thing but it can be exciting.

You are going over to Vancouver Island in late August? I'm assuming that you are going to the Stamp to fish summer steelhead - cool. I'm also assuming that this is a bit of a pilgrimage and ode to Haig-Brown and as such you won't be disappointed with few fish being caught. You may even want to take one of your sawed-off speyrods and some 20 lb tippet and see if you can catch a big ole chinook in the Stamp - in normal years there are lots. However, this year there are grave concerns with all the West Coast Van Isle rivers due to massive mackeral predation during the El Nino years. I don't know the predictions for steelhead - but they are not good for salmon. I would do some serious checking before making the haul over there and possibly wasting your valuabe trip time. Anyway, we'll keep you posted - tight lines - tyler.
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