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RE:Adding a 10wt belly improved casting

So the final tally is How Many total feet of head are we talking? I'm guessing you started with about 30' and have extended it to 40'? I've gotta agree - any lessening of the stripping (and reducing the coils of running line) is a big bonus. Plus the freedom of making a larger casting motion while forming the D-loop and still maintaining the "set" of the line in the water is an added attraction.

BTW, I'm just now about to buy that line you had in your hand at the Quality Fly Shop - the Accelerator 10/11. I'm told by Dennis Worley that it's quite a bit heavier than the 10/11 Triangle Taper (which is what I'm using now on the T&T).

The rivers are ~up~ out here - Sky is flowing at 4200cfs, which is over twice the volume we floated at on Friday. Nobody's hit any lately, and a report from Scott ODonnell surfaced recently that his clients have only gotten 4 Sauk/Skagit Steelhead to the beach this spring! The talk out here is of what needs to be done to help these ailing runs and I still can't get the # of chrome native steelhead we witnessed being "harvested" on the lower Hoh out of my mind. One thing about Stripers - you Northeasterners seem to have settled on an acceptable management strategy for sustaining the health of that fishery. Can't say the same for our PNW group and our Salmon and Steelhead.
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