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Offseason Primer

Hey Gregg, Juro, etc.-

With the striper season still months ahead of us, the thought occurred to me that a lot can be done with our time to prepare for the coming season. Many of us, included myself, would appreciated some kind of weekly primer not only to remind us to get things done, but to see how others might prepare also.

Each week a different topic could be posted with someone starting the tread off. All of us might not be good at everything, but surely some of us feel safe in certain areas.
A different person would introduce the topic and others would add their $0.02.
If the thread is beneficial to someone, they could copy it each week or all, and have a nice little notebook primer for the off season.

Some weekly topics for discussion might be boat show (see example below), fishing shows, winter scouting, tackle maintenance, how to arrange your flies and tie efficiently, and a whole lot more.

Does this sound like a viable idea or not? I might have been sniffing that Softex too long.

Re: Preparing for the upcoming fishing season
A week by week winter planner of events and activities to make sure your ready when the gun sounds.

What a great time to prepare for the 2001 New England fishing season. During the next few months, there will be numerous boat shows throughout our area. This will give many of us a chance to get off that sofa and get some much-needed exercise. There are more beneficial aspects then health though that can be gained by going to a show.

New boats! Yes, it's nice to be able to afford a new rig. But for many of us, gathering information and seeing new ideas is more of a reality. Every year, hundreds of dealers and equipment representatives show off all their new stuff. If you're like me, there is always something you need or can use to improve your rig. How about changing that old Loran "C" into a new state of the art G.P.S. unit? Prices couldn't be better than a boat show bargain. Think about that boat positioning accuracy you will gain if you up-grade now.

What about depth/fish finders recorders? Improvements are constantly being made in this field, especially for small boat owners. Need communications? Sometimes a cell phone just won't hack it out there. A VHF radio will monitor the fishing conditions and conversations of fisherman a heck of a lot better.

Don't forget those big items too? Now is the time to re-power for the upcoming season. Great prices can be had at the boat shows. There are still some new 2000 models left over at dealers too. They can schedule a time for replacement during this slow period of winter, so your ready to hit the water comes spring. Don't forget about your trailer?
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