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One of my favorite things to do in the summer here in NC (besides chasing tailing redfish) is to run offshore for dolphin on fly. It's pretty easy. You run out to an area around a Buoy called the "14 Buoy" that is on all the charts, about 20 miles, then look for the weeline that will be someplace betweenthere and the Gulf Stream. Sometimes we end up as far as 30 miles out. If the weeds are in a nice line or big mats you can actually sight cast to them. It is breathtaking to watch a dolphin streak out from under the weeds to nail a streamer or popper. This is the only decent photo that I have. When you get around them, the action gets pretty furious and you often forget to grab a photo. You guys that have decent sized boats can trailer them down here and have a great time.
Capt Gordon
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