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Hi Dana,
It certainly looks like a great pattern -- useful (read - visible)both in clear and dirty water. Like Henry Ford said, "any colour as long as it's black." It too should work well over here on the Island streams.
I think copper is an underrated colour when it comes to adding some subtle flash/glow to a fly. Not only that, but there seems to be some positive electrolytic (ion) properties to copper which seem attractive to fish -- but that's for a whole 'nother thread.
I have been fashioning my own tubes out of 1/8 O.D. general purpose copper tubing. That tubing offers some nice weight and gets the fly down quickly when that is necessary. Copper tubing is relatively easy to work with -- it can be cut cleanly by rolling it under a sharp knifeblade, and it's fairly cheap -- about 28 cents per lineal foot. Shine it up and coat with clear lacquer, or over-rib with tinsel, or cover it up with other body materials -- any way you want, it serves as a great base for building a fly pattern.
I use a short section of small diameter surgical tubing to connect/trap the eye of the hook (Mustad #9174) to the rear of the tube.
These heavy tubes work well for steelhead on my turbulent home stream -- Gold River -- and are easily, and safely handled with a nine or ten-weight Spey rod.

Keep your hook in the water!
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