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This is an issue that seems to follow us around everywhere we tread in the west. Proliferation of outfitters and guides is uncontroled in most locales and every time its brought up that there may be a need to do something about this growth it just seems to create more of a land rush to get a permit to grandfather in another small time operator.
Obviously everyone needs a job of some type to make a living why so many want to go outfitting and guiding is beyond me. Just about anything you do that requires that much tme and energy would return more for your investment!
I think part of its got to be the BS stories about the great Guide mystique of old. Never was able to figure why showing other dumb bastards how to catch a fish was better than catching them yourself. I think it has its roots somewhere I can't quite get to. oh well in this economy any job is a good thing too bad these particular jobs detract from such a great passtime.
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