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The Best

Your friend has a lot to learn about flats fishing before he tackles Tarpon. That in no way is a bad reflection on your friend, it's just that now he get's to learn all the neat stuff about fishing in shallow water.
Here in the Tampa Bay area we have the best pure flyfishing for giant tarpon in the world. All the world records come from here and we sight fish for them.
It sounds like your friend is doing just what I did, his work brought him to Florida and he quickly got a flats boat and went for it.
It took me 5 years of spending a lot of hours on the water, and becoming friends with some guides (a very hard thing to do) before I felt like I knew what was going on. And after 9 years I'm still learning.
Feel free to ask me for advise anytime and if your friend is in this area he can also.

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