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Juro and for all you trout fishing guys and gals back east. If you have never made the trip out west to the rockies, Montana and Idaho to do this type of fishing, dry fly only then you should. Go out there this summer leave all your nymphs at home, forget about fishing all the big free stone rivers where trout are easy. Instead dedicate your trip to learning why there are still plenty of folks who only fish on the surface. You might not be real sucsessful but what you learn about fly fishing the most difficult trout will stay with you forever. As for only old guys fishing this way that's not the case out there. There are many 20 something year olds who have left the real world and now work for pennies, live in a teepee or a shack just to fish this way. Boy are they good at it too, these young ones can fish with the best of them, but they have made it thier life at the cost of having family and money.
The fish, fished to on the Henerys Fork would be called 2 cigarette, 3 cigarette or even a 4 cigarette fish. By that it was how many smokes it took to figure out everything that was needed to make a good cast to a certain fish. Always that evening in some honky tonk bar in Last Chance or West Yellowstone the story would be told as such. 22" fish four cigarettes. One would not have to say any more the listener would understand what the angler went through to cast to a fish. This may have been unhealthy but out in that country fly fishers smoke and drink with the best of them, maybe that's why all the old ones are now passed away.
But get out there sometime and fish just this way with or without the smokes and leave the nymphs at home.
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