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There are still plenty of dry fly fishermen only out there. Maybe back east on the famous rivers they have all died off and the Orvis crowd has taken over. But as Brad said try the Henerys Fork some summer between late June and mid July. There you will find a breed of fishermen that fish only surface. Now this includes emergers, spiner falls and cripples. Out there the pursuit of the feeding fish is the game and not how many you get. Often you will walk the banks looking for the perfect fish or the fish in the most difficult situation to cast to. One will spend the time figuring out how to aproach the fish and how to make the cast and of course selection of matching exactly what that fish is feeding on. That by the way is a trip in itself as those rainbows between 16" and 26 inches are exact in there selection, there are no all mosts in matching.
Anyway once you have done this enough chances are great that you will never go back to nymph fishing again, one will be completely bored by it. You still will go fishing as often but there will be days when you might make one cast or none at all and still learn so much about a river and yourself.
The last time trout fishing I made maybe 2 casts in three days on the Big Horn in Wyoming because the days were 100 degrees and there were no hatches. But I had a ball watching, observing and directing the kids to fish that were feeding on nymphs. By the way I would not let them use an indicator, It is better for them to learn the feel than the lazy way out that so many new age fly guys use today.
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