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Dry Fly fishing

Maybe its the timing when I get to fish for trout (or freshwater bass for that matter), or the places I fish, but if I switched to dry fly fishing only I would significantly reduce my fishing success. It is the exception rather than the rule that I will see rising fish, nevermind being present for a hatch. Not that these opportunities don't present themselves. Like most of you have indicated, I am ready to switch to a dry at the first sign that the fish are interested, and I spend much of my time nymphing or wet flying observing the water for any evidence of a dry fly fishing opportunity. There is nothing better than taking a fish on the surface. Early last summer at Joppa I noticed an occasional boil at the surface and decided to switch to a popper. For several hours I caught one schoolie striper after another, each one exploding at the surface to grab the fly. It was a blast. One of my best fishing experiences was a time when we got heavily into bluefish hitting on the surface. It wasn't uncommon for two or three fish to try to hit at the same time and a popper would only last a few fish before it was chewed to bits.

I get the same thrill from a delicately rising trout and will never miss the opportunity to fish dry flys when it is present. But I would rather catch fish with nymphs and wet flys in the meantime.
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