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Talking Final - Atlantic Salmon Fly Swap Schedule

As per previous posts the deadline for the flies to me is
February 28th the following people are in the swap:

1. Pmflyfisher
2. Steelheader 69 - Flies received (11)
3. Juro
4. Frenchcreek
5. Wrke
6. Willie Gunn

Unless we get 4 more people by this weekend to make ten participants as originally planned lets do 7 flies per participant. One for each other participant and one for the Swapmeister me.

So 7 flies each is due by Feb 28th to me who will then distribute to every one. See my home address in previous post above.

If any more people want to participate, possibly some of those new spey fisherman coming over from the other board they are welcome.

Max of ten people though to participate.

I will send a final message this weekend of the participant count this weekend to every one, watch this thread.

Any type of atlantic salmon pattern is good. Hairwing, spey, traditional, tube, etc....

Advise of questions, etc..


P.S. Jerry since you already sent in your ten if we do not get ten participants I will keep your extras and send you some of my special michigan steelhead ties in yours to make up the difference. You will get at least 10 flies back, who knows I may even empty my fly wallets on you. Man do I have to many flies now. Been tying a lot this winter.
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