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Oh how you will come to love this thing.

Tide tool is a must, as per the link above.
There are also many different fishing journal programs free of charge in places like andfreewarepalm so feel free to poke around. Another great link is PalmBLVD.

As far as linking contacts and what not I find that the Memo function in Outlook is the best way going. I just take the final email and cut and paste it into a memo, all the numbers etc. are right there now.

Another great thing is Avantgo . You can hotsync almost any web page to it and it clips important text. One of its best features is from Mapquest you can directly download directions to it from the last screen.

I myself am just starting to explore the new functions of my Palm/Cell Phone . Wireless web access on this thing is much better than on just the phone and seems like it could be really helpful by getting last minute emails on secret meeting spots from the back of my car late Friday Nights.
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