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Bahamas Bonefishing - Do it yourself

With the prices of Bahamian lodges continuing to climb it seem's that more and more people are seeking do it yourself (guide included)packages.

Living in the Tampa area allow's me to get over to the Bahamas six or seven times a year. However, my budget (o.k., o.k. my wife) does not allow me spend on average 475 a day to fish.

In order to get around this I usually choose to shun staying at the traditional bonefish lodges, and secure independent guides and lodging.

Gathering this information can be challenging to say the least. It seems as if I get most of the good information when I am down in the Islands. Hopefully, those of you reading this will share not only guide names but also lodging information.

I realize that different people have different requirement's in regards to accomodation's. I can tell you that my standards focus more on a place to sleep with air conditioning - because I am there primarily to fish.

I will offer up my top location's with Guides and numbers, in the hopes that other's will do so as well.

Lodging: Bimini Blue Water Resort (Marlin Cottage). This is the cottage where Hemingway stayed while writing a good portion of Island's in the Stream, and it sit's right next to the Compleat Angler. 3 bedroom's, 3 Bath's, kitchen, and two porches. Total cost about 300 buck's a night. Divide that by six people and each pay's 150.00 a night for the entire three night stay.

Guides: Although the guides are aging and no young blood is replacing them, You have access to five of the best.
1. BoneFish Ray 242-347-2269 (His wife Shelia co-ordinates his calendar and can also secure other guides.
2. Ansil Saunders - 242-347-3391
3. Bonefish Rudy (experienced fly casters only) 242- 347-2266.
They all charge 300 for a full day, and 200 for a half day.

There is also a Kayak rental place right across the street if you want to take a break it fish on your own one day.

Grand Bahama:
Lodging anywhere I can get it (lately it has been the Old Princess Casino which is undergoing renovation's. They have been running a deal for 60.00 buck's a night.

Both of these are as good as they get and come from one of the original "Bonefishing Families" on Grand Bahama.

1.Stanley Glinton: CP 242 477 8088, H 242 353 3047
2.Leroy Glinton:CP242 351 8672, H 242 353 3047
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