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Question Rod for early teens?

While fishing my homewaters on the Skagit River this past fall, I lucked into many pink and silver salmon with my son and daughter, 14 and 13, respectively, in attendence. I passed the rod to each in turn and they were totally in awe with flyfishing. Now they want to participate, hence the question - What makes for a good fly rod for my teens?

Because the Skagit is a very large river and because the fishery is predominately adrominous (sp), I believe a slightly longer rod is in order. Specifically, I ordered a pair of Orvis TLS 107 (10 ft.#7 wts.) for the Spring Steelhead fishery. Reasonings run from easier mending on large waters to being a candidate for single handed spey casting in the future, while retaining the necessary backbone to deal with the larger fish.

I am teaching the fundamental casting strokes using an older fiberglass rod becasue of its slower action and plan to move them into a medium action graphite when they have demonstrated a sense of timing. Only then will they get to use the new Orvis rods. What say all...?
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