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Out of all the rods I have, I only have one rod with a detachable butt, that is a Heddon Riptide, 9 foot bamboo cirra 1950. It was one of the first rods speciflcally designed for salt-water flyfishing. A few years ago I bought 2 rec reelseats which had afighting butt which retracted into the handle, the best butt I have seen. $55 about 10 years ago, today I think they are about $90. The first rod I built using one, I forgot to take a piece off of the bottom of the rod, so the 9 foot rod became 9 1/2 feet.
:eyecrazy: Two piece rod with one pice about 6 inches longer than the other. The second one I took a piece off the bottom of the rod, so that it remained 9 feet. The problem with the detachable butt is I always forgot what pocket it was in.
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