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Not to mention a whip finish...

On a more serious note, how do people handle the "exposed" butt end of the blank when the fighting butt is detached? I've taped up my blank so it fits snugly inside the reel seat. The butt end of the blank is set about 1.5" inside the end of the reel seat (to accomodate the "male" end of the fighting butt). As it stands now, the hollow end of the blank is exposed when the fighting butt is removed (though the blank is inside the reel seat).

I know I'm probably being a bit anal (or dense) about this, but my inclination is to fill it in w/ epoxy when I affix the reel seat to the blank. Don't suspect this is any issue w/ a fixed butt as the blank is totally encased.

As always, thanks in advance.
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