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I've not fished with JJ but on the one occaision I didn't go, my three UK friends did. Two of them got on really well with him, the other swore he would never fish with him again - it can go like that sometimes

To be fair, all reports from other guests and more importantly, other guides and Bob Hyde put him at or near the top of the Exuma guiding squad. Garth is a new name to me.

My regulars have always been:

Willy Rolle, my personal #1 and the man with whom I'll land my first permit - one day. Alston Rolle, who also a mixes a mean slack tide cocktail.

Robert, a white bahamian who does double duty as occaisional Chef at the Bonefish lodge and the club P&P in Georgetown.

Michael, Martin & Steve who cover the middle flats on the West side.

Abby & Celey who fish the North (Baraterre) and North East area.

This year we're staying at the Seven Sisters at Palm - just North of the Airport and setting up a deal with Abby and other guides as needed. Having done the P&P package about 8 times now, its time to break out and explore

Maybe I'll get a cheap flight down to Florida sometime and get you to show me 'round
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