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Don't know how I missed this one..

I have agreement from Ground-Control to make the undecorrated 4th bedroom my fly-tying / fishing theme room so the ideas above are all very helpful. I knew I was on to a good thing when she bought me a small hand vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

Over the years I've acquired a huge assortment of plastic containers of varying types from the small to the rather large and still can't get stuff organized right - it's the old can-of-worms scenario played out for real.:eyecrazy:

I was thinking along the line of something like a mini-fly shop layout where everything is neatly displayed and organized on wall mounted brackets but that wont fly with G-C. I thought about a second mortgage and going the whole hog to buy a flyshop but that was a no-no too.

Penguins pal sounds like he's got it sussed! A bit of architectural wood-working on the doors and it would even look respectable

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