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This was bound to happen and I'm not surprised it did not happen years ago. In the early 80's these very issues came up on the over crowded Madison River. At that time the guides realized that unless they got some type of order on the river there would be restrictions on their line of work. The guides did a ok job of keeping out of trouble for awhile but as the sport grew and there were more flyfisherpersons coming in from all over needing equipment, lessons and guides things once again broke down as they have now on the rivers further west.

My question is where should our sport go now? Have we become over commercialized? Are people in the sport for the wrong reasons?

The sport to me has become just another form of eco tourism driven by slick advertising to buy this because it's better and come fish some new place somewhere on the other side of the world and we will take care of every need for you. Yes the sport has helped make awareness to watershed needs around the world but at the same time we are over loving these same watersheds now.

I worry about the quality of flyfishing as many who are now in control of the FF market now are into the quanity of the sport.
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