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Hal -

You forgot to include Frenchcreek in your count!

Since you were good enough to move the deadline out you can count me in for hairwing salmon flies, Speys, Dees or traditional tubes, etc. I don't think I can commit to mixed wings right now or I will be doomed to failure to meet the schedule.

That makes 6 people so far...

While on the topic, and not directed at anyone in particular:

A few notes on swaps...

It's a misconception that the number of flies must match the people participating. Not everyone has to get a fly from everyone else, just the number they sent in.

The meister is typically responsible for scanning or photographing the flies for submitting to the archive. If this is a problem, just send them to someone who volunteers to do the imaging and forward them to the meister for distribution. You can always use me for a image broker for any swap we do on the forum.

Once the images are created, the tyer posts the image and the recipe themselves on the fly pattern archive. In this manner, each can express things about the fly and others can ask questions, etc. The pattern and knowledge is then saved for future readers.

Always tie one for the meister.
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