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We Are What We Are

There's no question that being fought and reeled in is an unpleasant experience for a fish, at least from as far as we can anthromorphize our feelings onto these animals. This, however, is beside a point which hasn't been brought up enough or made strong enough, methinks.

We are, like the fish, a product of our evolution. As Juro points out, we're all animals in this together.

The human species evolved as hunter gatherers, that is to say, we're opportunistic predators. This predatory instinct manifests itself to varying degrees within us and takes its form in many ways, fishing being one of them. We feel the need to catch fish, to pursue fish, to strategize how to catch more and catch better fish because it's in our genes. Catching fish has helped our species survive to this point. Because most of us do not need to catch fish to survive, again is not the issue. We do not want to lose the instinct and ability to pursue and capture prey -- it may not be of vital importance now, but in generations to come, on a bombed out planet, it just may become important again. Fishing is our culture, our heritage, our capital in the survivorship bank. Keep at it.

Some biologist once described the primary drives of the species as the 4F functions -- feeding, fighting, fleeing and mating behavior. To this we may add a fifth: fishing.


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