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Sand Bug

Just say no to bait...

Sandbug: a winter steelhead dredger fly

The first time I saw a sand shrimp out west it gave me the creeps. Pink, orange, mustard, and those huge claws. Their natural anise smell is pretty unique too.

Anyway, they are quite the delicacy for searun salmonids and this pattern is intended to bring out that sand shrimp response in tinted water when fished slow and deep. This is far from a fancy fly - it's a working fly. Although I am more prone to swim a sculpin facimile than a shrimp pattern I have had some great luck on this one.

Hook: TMC 7999 or equiv. w/ barb pinched

Thread: sedge orange monochord

Tag: micro chenille in mustard-orange

Center Tail: two strands of flashabou, crystal flash, etc.

Tail: two sections of mustard micro chenille melted to a point with a lighter. Place outside bugyarn segment for more pronounced spread, otherwise tie in under yarn cloak.

Tail: flanked by a pair of matched wood duck quill sections

Posterior segment: globug yarn in light pink cut square and shaped to cloak chenille wraps. Compress and wrap in place, trim excess off front of wraps. Flank with two more wood duck quill segments, then collar with a couple of turns of vibrant hackle.

Mid segment: under-wrap four turns of mustard orange micro chenille, then repeat three part segment

Forward segment: no chenille under-wrap, just yarn / wood duck / collar and finish eye.

One drop of zap-a-gap to bind the threads.

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