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In nature, from which we are inseperable, predators chase and take prey. Lions eat gazelle. Pirhana eat mammals in a flurry of painful bitesized flesh-cutting chunks so quickly that these large amazonian rodents haven't had the chance to die as they disappear in a bloodbath of water, cleaned to the bone. Crocodiles eat... well anything. It's a dog eat dog world out there.

And on the other end of the spectrum there's PETA. Humans, who often consider themselves above nature, yet breathe the same oxygen, drink the same water and subsist on the same core nutrients as the rest of the earth's creatures, decide that they must stop people from engaging in fishing.

How more off-base from reality can you get? If fish could vote I am sure they would choose angling over extinction - and dams have rendered entire populations of fish extinct. I have never heard of PETA attacking power conglomerates to prevent the extinction of a whole race of fish, but they are sensitive to their feelings. There are no feelings in extinction.

When they form a picket line in the water to stop cormorants from eating fry, herons from impaling fish with their beaks, bass from swallowing other fish live, they are being fair about their argument (while exposing how ludicrous it is!).

When they stop polluters from dumping fish-choking chemicals, industry from emitting sulfuric and carbonic particulates that lead to acidification of lakes that slowly and painfully eliminates sensitive species (talk about suffering!), then they are on the right track to reducing animal suffering.

Nature sacrifices the few on behalf of the many, so that all benefit. The transfer of resources in this exchange is rarely "pretty" from a PETA perspective. By focusing on such a narrow track as angling rights, they are missing the boat. They are not effecting meaningful reduction in animal suffering; nature will cull the population to a state of equilibrium in no more graceful manner than a caring angler would. Anglers are perhaps the largest body of humans on earth with a compulsion to protect not only the fish but the entire ecosystem around them, well most anyway. We suck at it sometimes but our hearts are in the right place.

If we suddenly stopped fishing in a Minnesota State Park, what has been achieved? A small enclave of anal retentive humans will be sated by the decision. That's about it.

PETA isn't about the animals feelings, it's about PETA people's feelings. Thinking they are in touch with nature, they couldn't be more out of it. Somewhere at this very moment, life on earth is succeeding because the natural cycle of life, death, and the game of numbers is taking it's course - uninterrupted by picket lines. When we choose to participate in this cycle, we confirm that we are still in our own way part of nature.


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