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I did it today.. Organization Feels Goods

Did it today, had to go to Office Depot for the wife (Real Estate Agent) could not find what she wanted, but looked at the plastic office drawers as described above. $ 25 on sale. I bought a couple of these for my college son last year, but never had the time to get myself organized. Last 4 winters have been hell out at work so not much fly tying or time for anything but work.

This year is different at least until February !!

Well consolidated everything by categories into the six drawers
and have another large 4 tray tackle box for everything else.

Found things I had forgotten about, probably saved myself $ 50 in not bying things I already had. Bad thing is now everything is consolidated into two places, the wife may be able to figure out how large the fly material investment is over the last 20 years. Before it was distributed in several locations garage and house.

Oh well its our 25th wedding anniversary this May so if this the event which ends it, so it shall be.

It feels good to be organized again for a low price tag. Maybe in the future I will go for the high cost stylish fly tying bench but for now I will save that money for the spey rod and spey lines I will be needing.

If you need a low cost solution check out these plastic file cabinets at your Office Supply stores should have.

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