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...Where to begin?!...Before you do anything, sit in the boat and dry paddle...determine where the stroke will pass, add a few inches or more, and keep that area clear of cleats, hardware, rod holders, paddle clips, whatever. Anything mounted in that area will ding hands/fingers once out on the water.
...paddle leash with bungee shock cord and velcro
...paddle keeper clips mounted to the yak body out of the way
...15'+/- teather cord with a clip at both ends (one to boat, one to you)
...comfortable P.F.D. (I prefer manual/CO2 inflatable)
...small dry bag (insurance for hatches that leak)
...hull mounted Scotty fly rod holder (front or back where you can reach it but out of the paddle stroke zone)
...5# collapsable anchor kept in storage bag in cockpit
...50'+/- anchor line strung through front or rear carry loop
...cleat mounted clear of paddle zone for anchor line

Every time you paddle, make a list of ideas as they appear and the "project list" will refine the on-going growth process!

Come paddle with me and the Roopmeister...if nothing else, we can watch in wonder as Jeff (the fishmagnet) catches BIG FISH!

Meet us at the Salt Water Edge Fly Fest or at Wilmington!
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