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Here I go talking about epoxy again. Check out Devcon packaging if you don't believe me. On their 5 Minute Epoxy, resists Water, Yes. On their 2 ton, Waterproof, Yes. At one time I had problems with flies I made using 5 minute. I contacted Devcon, and they told me 5 minute is not waterproof, and to use their 2 ton. At that time I told them about a site that had a discussion about epoxy, when they saw how many people was using their 5 minute, they told me to keep out of it, let everyone use what they want.:eyecrazy: On the other hand Ducco 5 minute is waterproof. I have used just about all glues to hold handles on rods, and haven't had one loosen up yet. To glue cork rings together I use Elmers Waterproof, using epoxy, and if you get it on the cork it is tough to get it off.
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