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Talking rings versus pre-formed

Rings versus Pre-Formed?
it is a matter of what the fisherman likes.If he likes any of the pre formed grips then buy a flor grade preformed grip for it is quality and the mess is not there as it is with the Individual rings.However if you have huge hands or a deformity or something else that effects the grip on the rods I would build the grip to fit a customers hand.I once built a rod for a two fingered man and the grip he chose was rings sanded and sealed to fit his hand.I only recommend 2 ton 2 part epoxy as it holds up too 30 below and 120 degrees which is within the range of all fishing applications as well it does not cure and crack over time as the 5 minute epoxy does.Plus it gives great time to work a reel seat if you are only working one rod at a time.So if you don't like the shapes of pre-formed go with rings and shape it down.but when using rings remember too wipe all excess epoxy from out side the rings/Use clamps for smashing the rings together and get all excess epoxy from the outside of the rings using acetone in a do not want to be sanding through all of those high build epoxy spots.Lrods OK I HAVE TO EDIT SO HERE IT GOES:
How many of you have had a Lamiglass rod or G.Loomis rod that the reel seat has come loose on or the cork grip?Do not tell me that it has not happened because I live in there back yard and I repair hundreds of there rods each year.AND THE REASON? Very Poor epoxy Habits and or Glue(Lamiglas) Once again these rods are designed to fail after 3 years of moderate use.We knock out close to 3000 rods per year and we believe in Devcon 2 ton epoxy as we buy it in the 40 pound tube from the factory.overruns and drips etc are easy cleaning with a bit of acetone as we sand and seal all cork before the rod ships out.Remember happy customers always come back.....

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