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Okay - let's do this - see all notes as listed above by Tod.

First. Glue rings on threaded rod, compress, dry - FlexCoat.

Second. Shape grip BEFORE removing from threaded mandrel; leave enough end cork to trim to length after fitting to blank.

(this is the windy part I mentioned earlier)

Third. Measure blank diameter at bottom and top of finished grip position. Transfer measurements to equivalent (approximate) positions on club shaft, figuring in enough difference in thickness (translation: width, diameter) to accommodate next step.

Cross-wind double faced tape on shaft. Spiral mount rough grit (60 to 120 grit) Emery Cloth over double faced tape, in opposite direction to rotation of shaft. Chuck shaft in turner. Slide grip over smaller tapered end. Support small shaft end with live center, vee brace, etc.

Power up turner. Begin inside tapering of grip with gentle side motion, ascending along taper toward bottom measurement. Don't hesitate to back grip down shaft and occasionally clear cork dust. Continue until inside taper agrees with markings, as compensated for with emery cloth. NOTE: - In truth, the emery cloth shouldn't add more than .032 +/- to the total diameter of the mandrel; you'll put this on the rod blank with two turns of tape, anyway.

Remove and fine fit to blank. Cut grip to finish length. Cross-wrap blank with double faced grip tape; epoxy and position.

I suppose a tapered file chucked in a drill is as convenient for whomever.
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