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Ah yes - the Sandy is quite a river! I can still see that hugh chrome summer steelie parting the Sea of Suckers that covered a bright sunlit tailout. It was a great day and a memorable float.

Juro- Claves will Spring up spontaneously in March and April. Most will be entitled the "My Rivers's OPEN" Clave for those of us that are so lucky to have home rivers that are deemed healthy enuf to support a C&R season.

I even heard a rumor that the Skykomish was being considered for the C&R March/April fishery. This would fall under the "Emergency Opening" class as it's scheduled to close to all fishing on Feb 28.

If I were a betting man, I'd choose late February as you'll have ALL the rivers open with the best chance for a big wild fish. Late March/April is a gamble, but I'm sure there will be some fishing available.

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