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Old 01-24-2002, 11:30 AM
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I'm thinking of taking a travel day here soon and hitting the Skagit/Sauk. I'm not counting on getting up "late" in the season. Per the Portland area rivers. The Sandy can fish fanastic in May. We start seeing mercury bright summer fish. Let me know your plans, I can also make my raft (like Brian's) available if I'm out of town. You know your way around well enough to know the Kalama, EFL, Washougal, and the coastal rivers are close enough for day trips. Depending on the flows this might be a banner year for springers on the coast (or the Sandy for that matter). Either way let us know I'd love to get more video of you whoopin with a fish cart wheeling a hundred yards away. The only thing missing was the screaming drag (damn silent drags, lol)

Brian, wasn't it May when we took the million mile float? Remember that big chromer, ten million suckers, and the the cult meeting on the Sandy? Kush, isn't the Vedder FF only in May? That is if it isn't blown. I'll have room if you don't mind a construction zone.

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