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How about a historical perspective..

The best month to hook steelhead here in southwest Washington has always been mid April- May. We used to have true spring steelhead down here not the late winter runs like up north. We had early summer fish that were HOTTT!!! Definetly hotter than the Babine fish I got into last fall.

Anyway On the Sandy river May is a great time there are summer runs , winter runs, spring chinook. But anyway the Spey Clave is not about fishing it's about spey casting. hardly anyone fished at this event last year but there is fishing avaliable with a reasonable chance to catch a fresh steelhead.
This even is open to anyone and everyone, no age size or color limit. If it follows the pattern from last year (which I hope it does) it will be very informal. People can feel free to do pretty much what they want when they want. I think Fred would agree that that is part of what made it so much fun. it was just people hanging around, casting and BSing.
Only steelhead matter!
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