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I have a large chest of draws that I keep some of my flytying gear in, but I found that I can carry a good supply to just about anywhere, by altering one of those 6 drawer Mini Chest that Staples or Office Depot sell, I think now you can get them for about $20, I paid $30 . What I did was take a 3/4 inch Composition Board, cut it large enough to hang over the edge by about 6 inches, to hold a clamp still flytying vice. drilled 4 holes one in each corner, down through the board, and through the chest top. I bolted the two together. I added a toolbox handle. I also put 2 small screw eyes, one on the top, and one just below the bottom drawer. I have a small rod that is bent at the top, and goes down through the screw eye at the bottom. This is to hold the drawers in when moving it. It is great to take to flytying places, as you can hold a lot of material in it, and it has wheels. It may seem to be a lot of work , but it really isn't.
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